Awards, Titles, and Pointy Hats

SCA Awards are granted in court at the pleasure of the Crown. But as Their Majesties cannot know all of Their subjects, They rely on recommendations from Their populace. Recommendation letters can come from anyone, be they count or commoner (this means you!). Letter should be sent to the Crown's Chamberlain, and any of the veteran shire members would be happy to assist with this process.

Award of Arms:
Confers the title of Lord or Lady. A bare AoA is often given for participation before the newcomer is admitted to any of the noble orders, but the AoA-level awards come with an AoA if you haven't one already.
Grant of Arms:
Confers the title of The Honorable Lord/Lady or Lordship/Ladyship, though holders of the White Scarf are usually addressed as Don or Dona, and (instead of a medallion) wear a white scarf on their left arm or shoulder.
Patent of Arms:
This highest award brings membership in the peerage (i.e. a peer of the royalty), and (for Laurels and Pelicans) the title Master or Mistress, or Sir (for Knights). Knights wear a white belt, spurs, and an unadorned chain about their neck.
Order for: Arts Service Armored Combat Rapier Archery
AoA level: Harp Argent Dolphin Crescent Sword Duelist Argent Arrow
GoA level: Lux Caidis Crescent Gauntlet White Scarf Chiron
Peerage: Laurel Pelican Chivalry

With the exception of the Laurel, Pelican, Chivalry, and White Scarf (given in eight kingdoms), the awards above are specific to Caid. Other kingdoms give similar awards with different names and medallions! Also, there are handful of non-armigerous awards given, but as these are better described on the kingdom website, I refer you there for complete information.

Ruling Nobility

The other way to gain titles in the SCA is to reign as a King, Queen, Baron(ess), or Prince(ss). Because these jobs are so demanding, these folk receive new titles after they step down. Titles are often modified to suit the persona of the noble, so don't be surprised to meet Jarl (Earl) Rorik or Maestra (Mistress) Maria.

Title for Address as Pointy Hat (theoretically)
King/Queen Ruling a Kingdom Your Majesty Silver w/ lapis disk in a crescent
Duke/Duchess Ruled a Kingdom twice Your Grace Fancy w/ strawberry leaves
Earl/Count(ess) Ruled a Kingdom once Your Excellency Embattled or many-pointed
Crown Prince(ss) Heirs to the Throne Your Highness Silver w/ big crescent
Prince(ss) Ruling a Principality Your Highness Principality's coronet
Viscount(ess) Once Ruled a Principality Your Excellency Moonstone in front
Baron(ess) Ruling a Barony Your Excellency Front peak w/ baronial arms
Court Baron(ess) Once Ruled a Barony Your Excellency Front peak w/ own arms or stone

If you are uncertain which title to use, try Your Excellency. It's correct 95% of the time.

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