So This One Time in Isles...

Filthy Dirty Collegium 2013

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About the Event

"So This One Time in Isles..." It's time again to get dirty with the Shire of the Isles as we host a collegium for those arts that are just too dirty to cover within the traditional setting. If it makes a mess, requires more time, materials, a less restrictive setting or is just too dirty for your average classroom, this is the place to learn it! This years classes will include, but are not limited to: pewter casting, re-purposing old/bad garb, jewelry making, and leatherworking.

To submit a class proposal, or to check back for our current class schedule, please visit this page, our facebook event page, or email the autocrat at

Following the days classes, we will have a potluck feast (the shire will provide chicken) followed by dancing. There will also be a bardic competition with the theme "this one time in Isles" and a yummy dessert competition (B.Y.O. dessert)!

Please note there is a $4 campus parking fee, plastic or exact cash.
Site fee: $5 members, with a non-member surcharge $5.

Event Steward: Lady Delphine de Montaillou (Robin Portune) and Lady Ylaria Thriepland (Cat Yee), 6900 Whittier Drive, Apt 117, Goleta, CA 93117

Class Schedule

Below is the current class schedule and descriptions. We do our best to keep this up to date, but it is possible that things may change the date of the event.
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9am - 11am
Glass work Heather Leifeste Learn the centuries-old tradition of glass bead making. Safety note for participants: natural fiber clothing only, because it smoldered instead of melting and then catching into a horrible deathly fire of destruction.
Intro to Gold Bullion Metal Thread Embroidery Comptesse Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste Make little scissors cases. Materials fee: $5
11am - 1pm
Period Wresteling Don Lot Ramirez This class will cover some of the nasty and brutal techniques found in Fiore's combat treatise "The Flower of Battle" (c.1409). No equipment or experience required, but we will expect control and caution through the exercises.
Scriptorium Master Michael Provenza Learn about painting in period, with an emphasis on scroll layout, period pigments and shading techniques.
Making Byzantine Chain Adelais de la Jupe Cramoisie In this class, we will be making Byzantine chainmail. Students will get to keep all the materials (jump rings & clasp) to make a bracelet. Tools required (pliers) will be available for the class, but not to keep. (class limit: 15) Class fee: $5
Repurposing Old or Bad Garb Ylaria Thriepland Do you have garb that's been cut too big, too small, or was just never finished? Have you finished a piece and absolutely hate it? Don't waste that fabric, re-purpose it! Learn to take existing old/bad garb and make it into new hats, bags and contrasting trim. Please bring your "bad" garb and we'll "make it work"... additional "bad" garb will be available for use
1pm - 2pm
Lunch Break!
2am - 4pm
Honeycomb-Smocked Apron Making THL Mora Ottavia Spadera In case all the morning's filthy dirtiness is getting to you, come make a smocked apron to protect your gold-embroidered, newly-repurposed garb. Attendees will depart with the materials and knowledge necessary to finish their own simple late-period apron. Class limit: 5
Pierce Work Countess Jane Corwin Saw, File, Polish: an introduction to piercework in bright metals. (Formerly pewter casting; sorry, I changed my mind.)

Class fee $2, kit to keep $10.
Dirty Renascence Dancing Meala Cainbeul If you think SCA Court dancing is stuffy and pristine, come and learn some of the more intimate dances of the period. All dances will be taught, but basic dance knowledge is helpful.

We will learn a few variations of Horses Bransale; Petite Riens, sometimes called the Italian threesome dance; Madam Sosilias Alamande, A dance with actual embracing!, and Amoroso - look it up.
4am - 6pm
Duck Tape Dummie Making Meala Cainbeul This class will guide you in making a double of yourself for dressmaking purposes. You will work with a partner to encase your torso in duct tape, cut yourself out and use the resulting form to make a dress dummy.

Please bring at least two rolls of duct tape and a sharpie marker. If you have it you can also bring stuffing material, like fabric scraps, batting, or newspaper; a shirt we can destroy, measuring tape, and scissors you don't care that much about.
German Counted Embroidery Ylaria Thriepland Learn the 14th century art of counted thread embroidery. Students will be provided with a history as well as materials to make a small bag, $5 donation would be appreciated
Straps, Buckles, and Rivets Don Angus le Todde Mac Donnell A restrained introduction to leatherworking.
6:30pm - 10pm
You bring the side dishes, we'll bring the chicken. Feast activities will include:
  • Dancing
  • Bardic Competition
  • Dessert Competition

Event Directions

The event is held at the UCSB campus in Santa Barbara, CA. For details on how to get here, read on: