Warmest Greetings from the Castellan and the Shire...

And welcome to the Shire of the Isles, the Santa Barbara County chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. From crafts, to swordplay, costuming, brewing, and dancing, we recreate the aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance that interest us. We research and enjoy these arts in the form of tournaments, feasts, revels, and wars. We have royalty, peers, knights, and scribes, but we were all new once, and welcoming others to the Society is one of our most enjoyable duties.

We tend to use a lot of antiquated terms while recreating the Middle Ages, which adds to the flavor, but can be maddening to a newcomer like yourself. As you may have noticed, you may click on many unfamiliar terms, and a glossary will pop up.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Getty, though I am known as Todde mac Donnell in the Society. My interests include rapier combat, leatherwork, period cooking, storytelling, and persona development. I was recently selected as the Shire's Castellan, and as such, am personally responsible for recruiting and assisting our newcomers in becoming active participants. However, neither my deputies nor myself will always be available, so I present the following contacts and webbed resources for your perusal:

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Many of our activities are planned via email, so subscribing to the shire's mailing lists will keep you posted on events, updates, carpools, etc. Our three mailing lists are hosted by Yahoo, so while we can sign you up, it's better if you do it yourself (this gives you control over your own account and allows you to change mail settings without waiting for a moderator to do so).

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